The new generation of air-handling ceiling systems

The GP-COOL SPEED air-handling ceiling system with continued assembly version and rapid availability makes it easier for processors to complete their air-handling ceiling projects. The air-handling ceiling uses radiating energy, thereby providing a heating and cooling system without dehumidifying rooms or creating a draught. It emits warmth or coolness at a steady rate so that the room temperature settles at a pleasant level.

Benefits for you:

  • Complete heating and cooling system
  • Tested, patented quality (AT)
  • Reasonably priced and easy to process
  • Quick, robot-assisted installation
  • Low structure height
  • Upgradeable
  • Silent and acoustically effective
  • High proportion of radiant heat, no draught
  • No dust swirls
  • Hinders development of bacteria, mildew and mites
  • Ideal indoor climate, high level of comfort
  • Well-balanced indoor temperature gradient
  • High-quality service and support from planning through to installation 

The Cool Racer robot ensures easy installation

The revolutionary GP-COOL SPEED system can be installed quickly and flexibly directly on site – with a minimum of joints and fittings. At B+M, we’ve developed the Cool Racer 1.0 robot for easy, effortless installation. It presses the pipes into the profiles quickly and precisely. The use of high-performance batteries means the Cool Racers are easy to handle on construction sites. The benefits to you in terms of time, budget and quality are enormous.

The next stage: Cool Racer 2.0

In order to install the system even more quickly, B+M developed the Cool Racer 2.0: a more compact and lightweight version of the Cool Racer 1.0, it also works twice as fast as its predecessor. As a result, installation of the GP-COOL SPEED air-handling ceiling system is even easier and can be completed faster yet.

Benefits for you:

  • Robot-assisted pipe installation replaces physical exertion
  • Quick, easy, precise
  • Simple substructure – hassle-free installation of air-handling ceilings
  • Consultancy and delivery (incl. pipework and controls) under one roof
  • Cool Racer available for rent
  • Economical
  • Patented in Austria

Try the impressive GP-COOL SPEED system for yourself. Baustoff + Metall can advise you from the very outset in all aspects of planning, design, installation and service. You can rent the Cool Racer for easy installation – simply get in touch!

How the GP-COOL SPEED works:

Inside the ceiling panels, plastic pipes – pressed into special heat-conducting profiles – transport warm or cold water. In so doing, the ceiling panels act as an energy distribution system. In cooling mode, the heat in the room is absorbed by the ceiling system through radiation, transmitted into the circulating water system and subsequently led out of the room. As water is a considerably better conductor than air, your energy costs could be cut by up to 50%!

Profiles instead of endless measurements and planning

Profiles that can be shortened or extended as desired create flexibility and require no additional production time. You can start your air-handling ceiling project straight away, as all products are stored in our B+M branches.

Continuous piping instead of connectors and sleeves

As the pipes are installed on-site, there’s no need for connectors or fittings in the ceiling, which reduces construction time.

“Clamping effect”

The clamping effect generates a high contact force between the pipe and the profile.
This B+M GP-Cool Speed patent (AT) guarantees excellent cold and heat transmission.

Large contact surface of pipes

With our B+M GP-Cool Speed profile the transfer surface between pipe and profile amounts to approximately 70 %. Additionally, the direct contact of pipe and gypsum board enlarges the transfer surface still more, which enhances the profile performance.

Direct screw connections

Direct mounting ensures the best possible contact of board and heat-conducting profile. Like this, it is assured that the profile performance is also transmitted to the room.

The system convinces...

Architects and professional engineers

  • profiles are available within a short time and therefore only minimal preparation time is required
  • carrying out of architectural demands and requirements is possible (ceiling design with either perforated or unperforated boards)
  • acoustically effective
  • tested and patented system (AT)
  • low construction height
  • retrofittable in existing buildings
  • mounting of substructure and cooling and heating technology separate from planking
  • low-cost system for complete cooling and heating system
  • technical support from planning to mounting
  • gypsum as natural resource has a positive effect on indoor climate

Tenants and users

  • soundless cooling and heating system
  • no sick-building syndrome
  • positive effects on health

    Investors and building contractors

    • low-priced and tested ceiling cooling and heating system
    • almost maintenance-free system, adaptable with minimal effort(no change of filters, no cleaning or disinfection necessary)
    • high thermal conductivity of gypsum boards allows energy-saving climate control
    • buildings and apartments are easier to let, as tenants and users benefit from high comfort

      Assembling firms

      • robot-assisted pipe laying
      • without physical effort, quick and accurate
      • simple substructure ensures smooth
      • mounting of cooling and heating ceiling system
      • professional support and planning as well as pipe laying by constantly trained partner firms
      • counseling and delivery of all system
      • components (including pipe installation and control) from one source
      • Cool Racer also for rent
      • easy installation of different built-in fitments (e.g. spots)

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